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‘Vanishing West’  2008 SOLD2008_Vanishing_West


Well, that was an experience! I did my very first outdoor sidewalk art show and learned a few things. One: do not wait until the last minute! Two: it will take at least 2 people to put up the tent. Three: grid walls are a necessity! Four: have a plan…or at least someone who is willing to help!
I did meet some wonderful people and had some good conversations. Managed to trade one of my older drawings for a watercolour by Jessica Parker Foley. A few sales of cards but no art sold and my work really is not suitable for an outdoor venue.
This was a one shot deal I am thinking but now I shall have to decide on what to do with the tent! The grid walls I am going to keep, I think.
Also, there were some very favourable responses from people who ‘got’ it and some children (despite their mothers!). Next time this place organizes this type of activity they should not allow dogs and should look into other means of utilizing local foods and sustainable commodities.
All things considered it was a unique day!

My two pieces that were part of the Noble Horizons O.Y.E. exhibit have been picked up and brought home. That was delightful and a big thank you to the NWARTS Council for including my work in the show which highlighted artists who had been part of the Open Your Eyes studio tours in the past. I have one upcoming show on June 23rd in Saco, Maine for an outdoor sidewalk exhibit. It shall be a new adventure for me and I don’t know how it shall turn out. Shall keep you posted!

Drove to Salisbury, CT and dropped off two of my pieces for the Open Your Eyes
retrospective which has an opening reception this Friday, April 13th from 5 to 7pm.
I got lost of course and what should have taken me about 45 minutes wound up
taking almost twice that!! A quick call to my son and I was on the right track shortly.
Now, if the pick up date in Putnam at the Silver Circle Art Gallery on Sunday is required, I may just have to ask him to drive!


Our group show, curated by Pat Reese, was fun and well attended. With 3 shows all opening on the same day there were tons of people! Our group show, ‘Reconstructive Constructions’ included work by myself, Pat Reese, Audrey Shaw Mucci, Jon Eastman,  Carol Robertson Kaplan, and Sue Berg. While all the artists work separately their work fit together well in the Upstairs Gallery in Canton.

Getting ready for our group sculpture show in the Upstairs Gallery in Canton from February 9th through March 11th with the Opening Reception from 6 to 9 on Saturday the 10th of February. All are welcome!
The show is titled ‘Reconstructive Constructions’, and is curated by Pat Reese.

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