Opening last Saturday of my show with Audrey Mucci at the Gallery on the Green in Canton, CT was very positive….lots of people were in attendance and quite favorable comments were forthcoming. It was a good pairing of two assemblage artists in the upstairs gallery space. The show only had a total of 22 pieces (10 of mine and 12 of Audrey’s) and while most of hers were on pedestals, mine were all wall hung  pieces. It was a nice contrast from the show downstairs in the Founders Gallery space which was a member – guest show and had so many entries that it was almost a salon style exhibit. Paul Baylock’s Spotlight Gallery space had about a dozen small and all identically sized and framed colorful collages and added another totally different format to the shows.

I sold one of my assemblages, “Ride’m Cowboy” and am hoping for a few more sales. Hours at the gallery are from 1 to 5 on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and the current shows will be up through April 15th.