‘Element’ 2016 POR mixed media


work in progress…nothing permanent yet

Was accepted into the South County Art Association All Media I juried show in Kingston, Rhode Island.
Opening reception and awards were handed out on Thursday night the 9th of June.


Nothing much has been going on…working almost every Friday night so have not been able to attend a lot of art openings. This year is mostly focused on trying to sort through ‘stuff’ and get my house ready to sell.
Nothing new in the way of art has occurred but I do need to reorganize a great many of my older drawings.
Just consider this a ‘fallow’ year regarding art….

The past month or so has been occupied with the political scene to the detriment of my creativity but oh well, it is what it is.
Slowly getting it together again since the Primary is now over!
It is raining and I am listening to a CD that Paul Winter (yes, THE Paul Winter!) gave me the other day at work. It is not of him playing but a Brazilian singer which he produced and I presume is promoting…while I finish up some drawings.
Nothing to show yet but ‘watch this space’!



Been difficult getting it together for this year. I am chalking it up to getting older but that is really no excuse! There are opportunities all around but my motivation is lacking.
Selling my house has become an albatross of sorts and the ‘faster I go, the more behinder I become’…or something like that!

Supposed to be a bit warmer this weekend than the past several have been.
Working on the last of a few sketches of ingredients for a cookbook
collaboration I am under contract for…then it is on to the utensils
and some other sketches.
Deadline is the end of May…I think!


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